Saturday, February 25, 2006

Where's Bin Laden?

232 weeks since 9-11-2001

References in the news to the hunt for OBL by the Bush Administration this week: 2, sort of:

The first one: President Bush's remarks at Chocola for Congress reception, 2-23-2006:
And so I said to the people of Afghanistan, you give up bin Laden, give up al Qaeda -- because they were providing safe haven. I said, if you harbor a terrorist, you're equally as guilty as the terrorists. And when the President speaks, he better mean what he says. And I meant what I said, and they didn't give up al Qaeda, and we routed the Taliban, and 25 million people now live in freedom.
...which begs the questions, (1) so where is he, and (2) how's the hunt going? These questions are not exactly addressed by the second reference:
...hoping that plain old greed and publicity will prompt a slew of new leads, U.S. officials are blanketing Pakistani television with more "Most Wanted" ads for Osama bin Laden and his terrorists...
...except that if you've got to resort to the SW Asia version of "America's Most Wanted," I think it's safe to assume the hunt isn't going too well.

The other thing you get if you Google "bin Laden" and "hunt" this week is the story about OBL sharing a hunting camp adjacent to the princes of the UAE a few years ago.

Finally, the full version of a recording from last month was made available, the most notable portion of which was this:
Osama bin Laden promised never to be captured alive and declared the U.S. had resorted to the same "repressive" tactics used by Saddam Hussein, according to an audiotape purportedly by the al Qaeda leader that was posted Monday on a militant Web site.

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