Monday, March 27, 2006


John Dean:
Bush has admitted he is ignoring FISA. His Attorney General has offered lame and loose legal justifications that he ought not to dare attempt in any court of law. Only blind partisan followers buy the president's bogus legal arguments. The U.S. Supreme Court's prescient discussion of presidential powers reveals how weak these arguments really are.
Like Nixon, Bush has wrapped himself in the American flag, national security, his high office, and a claim to be the defender of America -- the man who can show terrorists not to mess with the U.S.A. His critics are attacked as being soft on fighting terrorism, or being knee-jerk partisans, when all they want is for their president to stay within the law.
Is any other public figure standing up and calling Bush on this bullshit so vigorously?

Glenn Greenwald, a blogger and First Amendment lawyer, has been all over this for months, but he's been a virtual Cassandra.

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