Thursday, April 06, 2006

Everyone Loves A Winner

John Kerry:
Iraqi politicians should be told that they have until May 15 to put together an effective unity government or we will immediately withdraw our military. If Iraqis aren't willing to build a unity government in the five months since the election, they're probably not willing to build one at all. The civil war will only get worse, and we will have no choice anyway but to leave.
Seems pretty clear to me. W says no dice:
A few hours later, the White House, via Press Secretary Scott McClellan, threw cold water all over any pleadings for a pullout. McClellan repeated President Bush's oft-stated assertion that most Americans won’t be satisfied with anything less than a clear cut “victory” in Iraq. Pulling out soon would be "retreating," he said, and "we will not lose our nerve."
Again I ask, what constitutes victory?

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