Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Our Long National Nightmare

It's been five years, and I still can't believe this dope is the president. I'm not sure he can believe it either. The president! His body language is insecure and embarassed, like he knows he's not worthy. Maybe that's just projection on my part, as W is nothing if not an arrogant, entitled, bratty, son of a president, grandson of a senator, Ivy League Skull and Bones frat boy insider. But, really, if you just landed here from East Betelgeuse and said "take me to your leader," is this the kind of posture and comportment you'd expect to see?

A still photo of anybody can look bad, but watch him in the video clips lately. He's like a different guy than he was back in 2001-2002. Check the nervous, shifty, eyes, the hunched shoulders, the small, defensive, palms up hand gestures, the constant shifting of weight from one foot to the other, the tight-lipped mumbling out of the side of the mouth. He looks like Hoover in Animal House, nervous as hell that Dean Wormer's gonna put the whole frat on double secret probation and close down the paddling games at Guantanamo. Or maybe just Richard Nixon.

Of course, maybe he realizes, as many of us have all along, that he's in waaaaaay over his head. He was simply never qualified for the job. It's water over the levee now, but NICE GOING, NADER VOTERS!


ThursdayNext said...

If someone landed in my yard from East Betelgeuse and asked me to take it to my leader, I would take it to AL GORE because he technically WON the 2000 election. :P

Michael Plank said...

I think you are supposed to take it to see Bono.