Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You Want Me On That Wall, You NEED Me On That Wall

I haven't really followed the whole immigration debate, but it's time to take a stand. I am coming down on the side of increasing our border security. We need a wall. Say about 12 feet high, a coupla feet thick, topped with razor wire, ditches on either side, manned turrets every half mile ... that oughta do it. We've got to draw a line and keep them on their side and us on t'other. It's gonna be expensive, but the way I see it, it's an investment we have to make to protect our American values and our way of life. We need to get started on this right away. I've done my part by sketching out the route this thing should take:

I'm open to debate about Kansas and Idaho.


Jozet said...


What you said!

I'm telling my friends in Texas!

(After 15 years, you still make me laugh. Smooch!)

Michael Plank said...

Texas belongs with the wackos who want to fly the Confederate flag from their capitols and (more importantly) plaster it on their pickup trucks. "Remember the Alamo!" Hey, Bubba -- we lost that one.

Also, Kansas should be on the other side of the wall -- they're the nutjobs who keep trying to teach (sic) intelligent (sic) design (sic).

Evil Mother said...

You cut out North Carolina... Can I never again go to a beach unless it's one of those "down the shore" Jersey places? And Disney World. You wanna live without Disney World? Your little princesses will be so distressed.

Michael Plank said...

You can visit there, just like you can visit Canada or Mexico, but my plan will get them out of our political process. Lincoln should've let them go.