Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hey! You Kids! Get Offa My Lawn!

Jack Shafer, Grumpy Old Man:
Who are all those bloggers? Why do they blog?

If all these people really want from the Web is a hobby and to talk to their friends and family, they'd be better off taking pottery lessons and purchasing more cell-phone minutes.
Andy Rooney couldn't have said it better.

The real point of this put-down of the unpublished masses is buried in a parenthetical:
The blog audience is growing, with 57 million Americans confessing to the habit. (I, for one, read a dozen each day via RSS and monitor blogs' coverage of my work.)
Translation: As a Professional Journalist, I efficiently use this intriguing, but flawed, tool for proper, professional purposes, unlike the slack-jawed rubes just goofing around posting stories about their latest trip to Home Depot and looking at kitties.

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