Friday, July 14, 2006

Our State Is Lamer Than Your State

We have a new state slogan in PA:

They actually held a contest and this -- this! -- was the winning entry.
The exciting competition was neck-and neck until the final minutes; the winner barely edged out the runner-up, "Pennsylvania - State of Independence." Thanks are due to everyone who participated and submitted ideas. We'll soon be seeing "I break for Shoofly Pie" on the backs of cars all over the Commonwealth.
Well, that's enough to keep me off the highways.

This cannot stand. I'm getting in that contest next year.


D.B. Echo said...

That is the most retarded state motto ever. Even more retarded than "Famous Potatoes". I refuse to display that motto anywhere, and I will demand a tax refund for my share of the cost of printing and using that motto.

Jozet said...

Did anyone enter "I don't break for deer" as a motto?

I think there's more (dead) deer than shoo-fly pie in Pennsyltucky.

anne said...

Ya know...I saw this contest and didn't bother to enter it because I figured the winner would be something all patriotical.

Shoo-fly pie?

We must take this down next year!