Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The Sopranos. So many people have told me this is so good, and it has won so many awards, etc., that it was inevitable that I would catch up to it some day. So I finally rented the first season on DVD and started from the beginning. I've watched the first 4 episodes so far and I'm really not impressed. (Although it's nice to see that Spider from GoodFellas finally made it on to a crew.) There are some good scenes, but the writing settles for cheap gimmicks, the acting is shallow and one-dimensional (Little Steven is terrible, completely out of his depth) and the whole concept is too cutesy. The pitch for this was obviously, "Mobsters are people too." The whole psychiatrist thing just doesn't work for me, but then I didn't like Analyze This, That or The Other Thing, or whatever it was called, either. If this is truly the best thing ever on television, as some have claimed, it's got a long way to go. I guess M*A*S*H took a while to get going, too.

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columnist said...

Keep watching. Give it a chance. I like the whole "mobsters are people too" part of it, especially when Tony can't control his spoiled kids.

But for an even better HBO experience, get "Six Feet Under." Truly one of the best things I've ever watched. I watched all the seasons over a period of four months or so, sometimes four hours at a time. It is extraordinary TV, even better than "Deadwood," my new HBO addiction.

But I still marvel at MASH. It's on the Hallmark Channel every night and I still tune in occasionally, even though I know all the dialogue and every plot.