Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sadly, Yes!

I love Sadly, No! This is brilliant:
For a long time now, the totality of the Republican platform has consisted of this demagogic ‘fact’: If it were not for Dear Leader’s heroic codpiece, in the form of torture, and Constitution-shredding, and warwarwar, you would be dead — dead, damn you, dead! And if it were not for brave armchair-Reveres continually chanting, “The Muslims are coming!” — which is the true Viagral force behind the codpiece — your home in Corncob, Yokel County, Red State America, would be a fuckin’ smokin’ crater, with turbaned heathens dancing on the rubble and your ashes!
Of course, it is cold comfort that we, the loyal opposition, can only post clever deconstructions of the administration while they continue to grow in power. *Sigh*

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