Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Orange County. This was basically American Pie meets an inferior, West Coast version of Risky Business, with the message being that the kids are, indeed, alright.

The plot concerns whether Forrest Gump's malformed kid will get into Stanford, or whether he'll stay in SoCal and go to community college with the Coal Miner's Daughter's daughter. This isn't exactly up there with the great burning questions of the cinema, such as "Will Rick get on the plane with Ilsa?" or "Who talked Kevin Spacey into wearing that mustache?"

I suppose this movie was harmless enough. It didn't have too many laughs, and it seemed intent on leaping away from realism anytime it got too close for comfort. Jack Black was pretty annoying, and seemed to have dropped in from a different, far more vulgar movie. There will probably be a sequel.

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