Friday, November 17, 2006

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

...try revisionist history:


HANOI, Vietnam (AP) -- President Bush, on his first visit to a country where the United States lost a two-decade-long fight against communism, said Friday the Vietnam War's lesson for today's confounding Iraq conflict is that freedom takes time to trump hatred.


The president said there was much to be learned from the divisive Vietnam War -- the longest conflict in U.S. history -- as his administration contemplates new strategies for the increasingly difficult war in Iraq, now in its fourth year. But his critics see parallels with Vietnam -- a determined insurgency and a death toll that has drained public support -- that spell danger for dragging out U.S. involvement in Iraq.

"It's just going to take a long period of time for the ideology that is hopeful -- and that is an ideology of freedom -- to overcome an ideology of hate," Bush said after having lunch at his lakeside hotel with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, one of America's strongest allies in Iraq, Vietnam and other conflicts.

"We'll succeed," Bush added, "unless we quit."

So let me get this straight: Standing in the capital of a country that defeated us thanks to a guerilla insurgency, Dubya crows that we would've beat 'em if only we hadn't "quit."

Hey! Maybe if he (and his fellow chickenhawks) had actually, y'know, fought in Vietnam 30+ years ago, he'd have some credibility on this topic.

On second thought, nnnnaaaahhhh.

Please, someone just keep the entire Bush family out of Asia. Poppy didn't do so well there, either. There was this:
On September 2, 1944, Bush piloted one of four Grumman TBM Avenger aircraft from VT-51 that attacked the Japanese installations on Chichi Jima...While starting the attack, Bush's aircraft was hit and his engine caught on fire... With his engine on fire, Bush flew several miles from the island, where he and one other crew member on the TBM Avenger bailed out of the aircraft. However, the other man's parachute did not open, and he fell to his death. It was never determined which man bailed out with Bush. Both Delaney and White were killed in action.
...and of course this:

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