Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Verily, 'tis truly better to give than to receive...

...but it's also fun to count up your loot after Christmas. This year, I was obviously pretty good, as I wound up on the "nice" list and made off with a big ol' bunch of stuff:

Return the Gift by the Gang of Four: This CD came out last year. It's the reformed Go4 playing new versions of their rabble-rousing Marxist anthems of 25 years ago. Simon Reynolds wrote an insightful critique of it in Slate a while back.

An iTunes gift card, apparently just like the rest of the world.

Twelve Monkeys: This movie has grown on me over the years, so I put it on my wish list this year.

The Godfather II: In which the Corleone family becomes bigger than U.S. Steel.

Tolkien's World From A to Z: The Complete Guide to Middle Earth by Robert Foster: I borrowed a similar book from the library last year and it made me appreciate the LotR movies more. This one looks pretty good too. If I start playing World of Warcraft or going to the Renaissance Faire, schedule an intervention!

A self-powered emergency flashlight, for when all other lights have gone out.

Some good Honduran cigars. If Castro dies, maybe next year I'll get Cubans!

Not one, but two, bottles of gin.

Organic chocolate bars. Who knew?

A towel, because it's a tough universe out there.

A sporty outfit suitable for sweating profusely in.

Eagles 23, Cowboys 7.

Knick knacks, patty whacks, assorted things 'n stuff,

and a partridge in a pear tree.

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