Wednesday, December 27, 2006


OK, I'll play. Here are the ground rules:
tales of my existence, 4 of which are true, one is not, and it is up to you to determine which is the falsehood. Good luck!
1. My confirmation name is Paul.
2. I was in ROTC during my first year of college.
3. I was once the drummer for a band called Stinkb├Âmben.
4. I toured the midwest one summer with a mime & puppet troupe.
5. I hit .279 in the regular season in 1999 and .400 in the playoffs.


PSoTD said...

Oh, I know who's doing mime and puppet entertainment at the next picnic...

Evil columnist said...

I'm your mother and I can't even remember your confirmation name.

anne said...

I am going to guess Paul is not your confirmation name. I would suspect it would be John, George or Ringo, but not Paul.