Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Time sez you are the Person of the Year. Geez, last year it was you, too U2. (Isn't that Adam on the left?)

So now we know. The 1970s were the Me Decade, the 1980s were the Us Decade (c'mon, doesn't anybody remember the Us Festival?), and now the 2000s are the You Decade. I like it. It's kind of catchy.

This is perhaps the strangest choice for an award since the inanimate carbon rod. It has surely served the purpose of generating attention for the magazine, but it's kind of like that moment at a bad rock concert when the band says something like:
People! D'ya know who's the real star of this show to-niiiiiite? People? I said, people! It's YOU!
Great! I'll take my cut of the ticket price in cash, please.


anne said...

Do you think I will get a certificate suitable for framing?

Michael Plank said...

No, you will.