Sunday, January 07, 2007

Grousing On The Iggles Bandwagon

Eagles 23, Giants 20.

It wasn't always pretty, but there are no points for style in the NFL.

Here's what I don't understand about the Eagles. Supposedly, they "script" the first 15 offensive plays every week. (At least they used to; I haven't heard it referred to lately, but I assume they still do.) So how can they go 1-2-3-punt, 1-2-3-punt, 1-2-3-punt, for a total of about 10 yards, on their first 3 possessions? It didn't get much better after that, not until the second quarter began. And this seems to happen consistently, that they stumble out of the gate. Not so much this season, but over a period of years.

Another thing I don't get is, this is still supposed to be a version of the West Coast Offense, right? Where is the 3 step drop and slant to the wide receiver? Where is the curl or hook pattern to the tight end over the middle? They've never run those plays. Their most successful plays are out patterns and sweeps, with a few counter plays now and then. Does Jeff Garcia have the arm strength to get away with throwing out to the sidelines against the Saints? If they keep him rolling out, he might. Maybe they can mix in a few screen passes. They'll need to come up with something to get past the Saints, and they're going to have to blitz better than they did against the Giants. Until then, E-A-G-L-E-S Iggles!

(Oh, yeah: Stop The War.)

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