Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nose, Face, Spite

Is New Line a public company? Does it have stockholders and a board of directors? Because if it does, they're sure to take note of who the 800 pound gorilla in this fight is:
An escalation in the war of words between New Line co-chairman Bob Shaye and "Lord of the Rings" filmmaker Peter Jackson appears to be nixing any possible reconciliation between the two -- or any chance that Jackson will direct the trilogy's prequel, "The Hobbit."

In an interview with the Sci Fi Channel news service Sci Fi Wire, Shaye said Jackson will never make another movie for the studio and said the filmmaker just wants more money.

Dude, those movies have grossed $3 billion and counting. Swallow some pride, kiss and make up, and send your tux out for next year's Oscars.

Stop The War.

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Jozet said...

oh..but wait...I want to see Bruce Willis play Bilbo...