Friday, April 13, 2007

Retreating to the 38th Parallel

Let's check the status of the Coalition of the Willing:

South Korea Draws Up Iraq Pullout Plan

South Korea, one of the closest U.S. allies in Iraq, is preparing a plan to pull its 1,300 troops out of the country, a Defense Ministry official said Friday.

The South Korean presence in Iraq began in 2003 with a 600-strong contingent. The country sent 3,000 more troops the following year at Washington's request, making it the United States' biggest coalition partner after Britain.

However, the troop levels have since gradually declined amid rising public opposition to the mission.

Government that's responsive to the clearly expressed wishes of the electorate -- what a concept! South Korea is a beneficiary of a Yankee imperialist adventure of days gone by... maybe, perhaps, possibly, fifty-something years from now, we'll be bogged down in Somewhereistan, and a free, democratic (South) Iraq will be drawing up plans to withdraw its troops from our "coalition."

Stop The War.

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