Friday, April 27, 2007

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Smashing Pumpkins, Rocket.

This one never got nearly as much attention as Today or Tonight, Tonight or 1979, but it's a whole lot of fun.

The Punkins, decked out in cheap Mylar "spacesuits" possibly trash-picked from the alley behind Ace Frehley's house, freak out in a moonage daydream, lip-synching through enough dry ice to fuel another Kansas - REO Speedwagon reunion tour. Meanwhile, a latchkey version of the Little Rascals tunes into their cosmic wavelength and decides to build a real honest-to-goodness rocket (get it?) from a conveniently-located gov'ment scrap yard and blast off from their cul de sac, which is apparently right around the corner from where both Edward Scissorhands and Pee Wee Herman live. The kids' rocket, like the video itself, cost about 18 dollars to put together, but somehow, it flies, and the whole thing lifts off right over the marquee moon.


The song itself is one of the highlights of the early 1990s grunge phenomenon. It's built around one droning chord that downshifts into something both menacing and promising during what I guess is the chorus -- it's hard to tell which part of the song is which, structurally speaking. It all builds into an epic release, with Billy Corgan's whiny, nasal, multi-tracked voice rising above, beyond and through his Guitar Anti-Hero poses. In other words, Rock and/or Roll.

(There's another version of this video with just the Punkins doing their thing for the whole four minutes, minus the kids.)

Stop The War.

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