Saturday, May 26, 2007

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Killing Joke, Eighties.

Basically an update of the Stooges' 1969, with anger replacing boredom as the dominant complaint. The song stomps everything in its path, with a crunching riff that they later claimed was stolen by Nirvana for Come As You Are. (I always thought that was a pretty weak claim.) As an anthem, it's not so much a catalog of specific complaints about the decade as a generic statement of dissatisfaction that could be adapted to fit any period of time. Too bad they painted themselves into a corner with the title. I saw them live in about 1988, and they played it then, but I don't know if they updated it as Nineties after that.

The video is full of images of the day, including Reagan, Thatcher, John DeLorean and Ayatollah Khomeini. I like the expressionless energy of the band and the menacing glare of Jaz Coleman, the singer. Push, push, struggle!

Stop The Occupation.

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