Saturday, June 30, 2007


In honor of the introduction of the iPhone, here's my nomination for Teh Greatest Television Commercial Evah! (and no, it's not the 1984 Super Bowl Mac commercial):

The colors! The energy! The cross-pollinatin' synergistic invocation of distinctive iconography! The, er, Edge!

The white guitar cable running straight into the iPod headphones is a very clever and powerful image.

How many different "things" or "products" or "objects" are they promoting here? They're selling U2, they're selling the iPod, they're selling the U2 iPod, they're selling the (then) new U2 single, they're selling Apple-as-cool, they're selling a lifestyle, they're selling a lifestyle accessory. All in 30 seconds.

The extended version is Even Better Than The Real Thing:

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