Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Blowup. Who am I to judge? This is esteemed as one of the classix of the cross-pollinatin' art film / decadent Europe / youth/drug culture of the mid 1960s... plus it's the source of Brian DePalma's exploitation thriller Blow Out.

David Hemmings, looking like James Spader's slumming landed gentry uncle, plays a bored hipster photographer in Swingin' London, dead center 1966, just before the really garish fashions of the Summer of Love (sic) took hold.

He takes some voyeuristic photos of Vanessa Redgrave and some old dude in a typically pristine British park, and thinks he sees a murder, and briefly becomes aroused into actual action rather than seething, desperate ennui, and blah blah blah zippedy dippity do.

But then, late in the game, he walks into the Ricky-Tick Club, where the Yardbirds are performing Train Kept A-Rollin' Stroll On for a jaded crowd of disaffected British R&B fans. Nigel Tufnel Jeff Beck gets frustrated and smashes his guitar to bits, and the crowd eats it up. Anyway, this is historically interesting because it captures on film the approximately five minutes during which both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were in the band. Shortly thereafter, God Lucifer would create Led Zeppelin.

Check it out:

Stop The Occupation.

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