Monday, December 24, 2007

Yes, Virginia (2007)

The scene: Why, 'twas the night before Christmas, of course!

Fade in. A tenement building on the Lower East Side A cluttered living room in a modest suburban home.

Me: Hey, kid -- whatcha doin' on my computer?

8 Year Old: I'm looking at the North Pole on Google Earth.

Me: Oh? Why are you doing that?

8YO: I want to see if Santa exists.

Me: ... !

8YO: He's supposed to live at the North Pole, but I don't see any houses or buildings or anything.

Me: Oh -- well, Santa has, like, magic powers and stuff. Shield rays. Yeah, that's it. He has shield rays to keep the, uh, satellites from photographing him.

8YO: Hmm.

Me: Plus, I think there are, um, international treaties that, ah, make it illegal to show Santa's village at the North Pole. You can only show the ice and snow.

8YO: Treaties?

Me: Yeah, um, treaties. Even the North Koreans observe them. After all, everyone loves Santa Claus, right?

8YO: I guess.

Me: Good. Good. You run along now. Let Daddy use his computer. Go get ready for Santa. Santa's coming tonight!

8YO: Oh boy!

Me: [Phew!]

All: Merry Christmas, everyone!



anne said...

What a kid.

we_be_toys said...

That was some very fast and thorough thinking there, dad! Almost as slick as The Grinch, with his "a light that won't light on one side" schtick.
Very Impressive...!!