Thursday, August 07, 2008

AlbumCD Cover Bingo

PSoTD seems to have abandoned this feature, so I'm stealing claiming it for my own.

All of the below are compact disc (remember those?) covers from the dying days of the rock era. List the name of the performer and the title of the CD to win, uh, nothing. Grudging admiration, perhaps.

Answers later.


Michael Plank said...

I didn't put numbers on them, but just go like this:

PSoTD said...

I'll take a couple of the easy ones:

5 - Unknown Pleasures, Joy Division
7 - Raw Power, Iggy Pop and Stooges
9 - Computer World, Kraftwerk (what a surprise!)

Middle Aged Woman said...

3 - Matthew Sweet Girlfriend
and I knew 5 and 7, too. dang. 2 is familiar. I worked in a CD store for 9 years, but it's been too long.

Michael Plank said...

Everyone is right so far.

PSoTD said...

8 is Panorama by The Cars.

Michael Plank said...

Right again! Panorama is actually great, all stark squiggly synthpop, at least side one. Side two kinda drags.

Here's all of them:
1 The Black Sea by XTC
2 Disintegration by The Cure
3 Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet (that's Tuesday Weld on the cover)
4 White Blood Cells by The White Stripes
5 Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division
6 Porcupine by Echo & The Bunnymen
7 Raw Power by Iggy & The Stooges
8 Panorama by The Cars
9 Computer World by Kraftwerk