Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogging A Dead Horse

Your vigilant media at work, meeting outlandish claims with a determined skepticism:

Reporters grill men on Bigfoot body claims

(CNN) -- A pair of Georgia men faced more than a half-hour of skeptical questions from reporters Friday as they defended their claim that they stumbled upon the body of Bigfoot while hiking in a remote North Georgia forest.
Five years ago, not so much:

A free press, guardian of the nation.

If these knuckleheads have really found Bigfoot, maybe we can send them after bin Laden next. At this point, he's just another mythical creature in the hills, but no one seems to be looking for him.


Anonymous said...

Excellent point!!!!
I guess if Saddam was hiding an army of mass destructing big foots there would have been a little more interest.

Anonymous said...

I watched a documentary in the 70's or 80's where this astronaut named Steve Austin found a cave where the Sasquatch lived. It turns out they are there to protect the aliens who are here watching us.

Here is the link, for all of you who think they are not real...