Thursday, July 07, 2005


what is it with W and his bicycle? We can hit a comet with a rocketship from 83 million miles away, but we can't keep the president from crashing Bicycle One into friends, neighbors, innocent bystanders, the ground, or Scottish policemen. Didn't this guy train as a pilot? Oh, wait -- bad question.

I ride with my daughter all the time. She's 6, and she just took the training wheels off a few months ago. Dogs chase us, cars pull out of driveways, squirrels dash into the street, birds swoop down, there's mosquitoes, joggers, mailmen, you name it, and we don't have a phalanx of Secret Service agents clearing a nice straight path for us, yet somehow she's able to avoid crashing into anything. It can't just be the lack of Scottish policemen in our neighborhood, can it?

As for W, maybe it's just that, try as he might to appear to hold course in the center, he just can't stop himself from drifting to the right. Maybe he should appoint Lance Armstrong to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

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