Wednesday, December 14, 2005


seriously, where the fuck is Bin Laden? It's great that W is defending the Iraq debacle, and I'll even give him credit on a tactical level for taking actual questions following his speech in Philadelphia and taking responsibility for going to war against Saddam Hussein on faulty intelligence. But what happened to $25 MILLION REWARD, DEAD OR ALIVE? I don't care whether capturing OBL has any strategic value at this point or whether it would stop any future attacks. This country NEEDS to catch him just for the psychological value. Why are we torturing suspecting AQ members (and lots of other people) if not to (a) prevent future attacks and (b) catch Osama Been Forgotten? A quick search of shows only passing references to OBL in the last few weeks, and no pointed questions asked of the administration regarding his whereabouts. W should be asked -- badgered, in fact -- every day, even after he's out of office, WHERE THE FUCK IS BIN LADEN, until he's captured or confirmed dead.

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