Friday, March 10, 2006

Where's Bin Laden?

234 weeks since 9-11-2001

I'm too tired and disgusted to go through the whole Googling thing. Suffice to say, no evident progress or sense of urgency yet again this week.

A few references stood out, though:

Molly Ivins had the best line of the week, rhetorically asking Rumsfeld:
If you're able to monitor these [Al Qaeda] media committee meetings, how come you can't find Osama bin Ladin?
Also, Michael Smerconish, who thanks to the Dubai ports fiasco, has recently begun re-examining his long-standing knee jerk support of all things Bushy, wrote (OK, dictated) an interesting column about the CIA officer who was in charge of the hunt for OBL way back in 2001-2002:
They were able to visually spot his camp at Milawa... And from that... mountaintop, they are able to call in air strikes for 56 hours. There were hundreds of them there... We are able to hear bin Laden. After we took a radio off of a dead fighter, we could hear him. We were very close.
Note the use of the past tense.

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