Thursday, April 13, 2006


I was fishing for quarters for the parking meter the other day when I noticed that there aren't any regular coins anymore. Everything is commemorative. Every state has its own quarter. Sacagawea has replaced Susan B. Anthony on the unpopular dollar coin.

Why do we give this primo space away for free? Think of the licensing fees that could be raised. Everyone with a big ego and a huge bank account would line up to paste his or her face on our currency. Donald Trump would probably give 7 figures for the hundred -- bye bye, Ben Franklin! Would anyone miss Alexander Hamilton on the ten? Not me. Same thing with postage stamps. We could issue as many different editions as there are suckers willing participants. This is a potentially HUGE source of revenue for the federal government. All I want is my standard one-third, and an agreement that none of the licensing fees will be diverted to the war(s) in Iraq(n).

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