Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'd Really Rather Not Think About This...

...but, yes, it's come to this:I'll kick in $20 to hire someone for the, uh, job. This is probably one of those jobs that no American is willing to do, so we might need to get an illegal immigrant. Or maybe it's like Condi says -- it's meant figuratively, not literally. Anyway, nothing else is working. How much more forcefully and repeatedly can this guy demonstrate his duplicity and incompetence? Just in the last month or so, we've had:
  • Dubya sitting in a room looking bored while being told that Katrina was going to annihilate New Orleans
  • Dubya admitting that he approved the release of misleading portions of the National Intelligence Estimate to support the case for invading Iraq (read: "smear Joe Wilson")
  • Dubya proclaiming proudly, again, that he authorized wiretapping without a warrant and, hell no, he won't apologize for it
  • Reports that Dubya and his fellow end-timers are thinking (sic) of nuking Iraqn
  • Plus he still hasn't found bin Laden.
  • And we're still holding people without charges.
  • And torturing them.
  • And he fidgets and looks insecure and mispronounces words like "terrorist" and "nuclear" (better start working on that one!).
  • Did I miss any? I probably missed a few. It's hard to keep up with this crew.
And now, today, we find out that he knew he was lying when he lied about the trailers in Iraq being "mobile biological weapons laboratories" (and then his odious spokesman demands that the outlets that reported it apologize!).

What does he have to do, strangle a puppy? I don't want to get all 4th grade civics class here, but Bush works for reports to us -- "we the people." He wants to be the CEO President. No corporation would tolerate this type of performance. No employer would retain an employee with this kind of job history (which presumes that any rational company would've hired him, with his resume of failure, in the first place) -- he's wrong all the time, he lies about being wrong, he punishes others for revealing he was wrong, and he lies about punishing them. Even when he's wrong, he still lies, and even when he lies, he's still wrong. His approval ratings show that people are waking up to his crap. ITMFA!

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