Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Spiritual Question...

...which depends upon these gross generalizations:
  • the proportion of bugfuck insane evangelical Christians is higher among Republicans than among other political parties in America
  • evangelical Christians and Republicans support the president/the war in Iraq/the torture and/or incarceration of people detained without charge, etc. to a greater degree than non-evangelical Christians and non-Republicans
Fair enough, I think. So, assuming the essential accuracy of these gross generalizations, why is it that the above-generalized people, again, in general, are the ones yammering for "us" to bomb/invade/assassinate the elected leader of Iran/Iraq/Venezuela, etc., while godless commie pinko heathens like, for instance, me, are forever going on about peace, love and understanding, or at least diplomacy? I am no expert on the Bible, but didn't That Crucified Guy talk, in general, about turning the other cheek, loving thy neighbor, and doing unto the least of them whatsoever you do unto me, etc.?

Same theme, different particulars, this time specifically:
There were certainly gays and lesbians in Jesus's time. But he never said one word about them. If homosexuality were so evil - don't you think Jesus would have had something to say about it?
Happy Easter/Passover/Beltaine, etc.

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