Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stuff I Don't Get, Part 4326

CHARDON, Ohio (AP) -- A man was sentenced to four years in prison for helping to extort $67,000 from an elderly Amish widower in exchange for keeping quiet about his solicitation of a prostitute. ...

[Patrick] Lansdowne, 41, of Cleveland was also ordered to pay $14,327 restitution to Jake Byler, 75, of Burton Township, Ohio. ... Prosecutors said Byler handed over the money because the scammers convinced him photos of him and the prostitute would appear on the Internet.

OK, first off, that's a lot of scratch for a guy who doesn't even have a wife to piss off anymore. But the bigger question is, the guy was why was he afraid of stuff posted about him on the Internet? What, like his friends were gonna see it? I wonder what even happens if you type "Amish sex photos" into Google?


Limber Joe said...

Hey Michael,

Here's the deal...Jake sold the farm to another Amish guy who allows him to live in his home until he dies. He had a big chunk of disposable income.

Secondly, the extortionists were anything but rocket scientists. It may not have occurred to them that Jake didn't have access to a computer. Plus, they were viewing the world through crack induced haze.

Ironically, many Amish do have access to the internet. While they may not have computers in their homes, they do go online at the library. The Amish are probably the most misunderstood minority in the US. It is not a static culture. They are constantly evolving.

Non-Amish prefer to perceive them as they think they ought to be viewed. Most of what they understand about the Amish is what they might pick up through a Jay Lenno monologue.

Since all of the accused in "The Jake Case" have been sentenced and cannot appeal, I can now talk about it.

If you have any questions about Jake, or Amish culture, fire away!

Best regards,


Michael Plank said...

Wow! Thanks for the inside dope. I should've paid more attention when I was growing up in Lancaster.