Friday, June 09, 2006


Mild-mannered midwesterner Garrison Keillor, who annoys me on a weekly basis when my wife rattles our kitchen windows with his snooze-fest on NPR, rips into the right wing in general and Bush in particular:

Meanwhile, the Current Occupant goes on impersonating a president. Somewhere in the quiet leafy recesses of the Bush family, somebody is thinking, "Wrong son. Should've tried the smart one."

This one's eyes don't quite focus. Five years in office and he doesn't have a grip on it yet. You stand him up next to Tony Blair at a press conference and the comparison is not kind to Our Guy. Historians are starting to place him at or near the bottom of the list. And one of the basic assumptions of American culture is falling apart: the competence of Republicans.

Maybe I will start listening to his show a bit instead of gritting my teeth and plugging my ears every Saturday evening.

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