Tuesday, October 24, 2006


We -- OK, I -- adorned our front lawn with a Bob Casey for U.S. Senate sign provided by my local Democratic committee person this weekend. There's an Ed Rendell one there, too. Do these things really work? Or do they just piss off the neighbors?

Last week, someone posted an obnoxious comment under one of the YouTube videos I have posted of the baby. (Don't look for it; I removed it.) I clicked the poster's link and found out that (s)he's a dedicated anti-circumcision advocate. Of course, nothing about the video I posted, or anything else, indicated a stance on circumcision (so to speak) one way or the other.

The poster also insulted my nationality, which I can handle. I feel that way myself sometimes.

There are a couple of trucks that circle Restaurant Row in downtown Harrisburg most days around lunch time. They've got huge, graphic pictures of what are apparently, or purportedly, aborted fetuses, and big letters spelling out "C H O I C E." Very clever. But is this in any way effective? Abortion is one of those divisive issues -- perhaps THE divisive issue -- that has extreme partisans on both sides, and a huge middle that would probably really rather not think about it. Is this any way to win converts?

Actually, it is a species of low-level terrorism. The political calculus must be, "Outlaw abortion, and we'll stop riding around with these billboard-sized bloody babies. Then people can go back to enjoying their lunches." They may ultimately win this issue, but they're not making any friends. I suppose it's worth it to them.

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