Friday, November 03, 2006

Two Shots Of Philadelphia

Independence Hall, early morning

30th Street Station, early evening

Both from a recent day trip on business. I went to a Continuing Legal Education program at the Downtown Club, which can be seen to the right of Independence Hall in the picture above.

On the way there on the train and subway, I was listening to a playlist titled Glam Rock on my iPod. Hey, why not? Anyway, while I was walking to the Downtown Club, the song playing was Queen Bitch by David Bowie (one of the few songs by him that I actively like). The first line is

Well I'm up on the 11th floor, and I'm watching the cruisers below

Of course, the Downtown Club is on the 11th floor. No cruisers below, though. Or maybe I just didn't see them. Could have been worse. In Diamond Dogs,

the elevator's broke, so he slides down the rope

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