Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

It's been four years since this shining moment. Kids who were high school seniors that day were getting ready to graduate. Many of them are now getting ready to graduate from college. Others probably joined the military -- hey, why not? We'd won. There have been over 3,200 U.S. military deaths and 24,000 injuries since that day.

I was looking for some sort of commemoration of Our Leader's Declaration of Glorious Victory in Iraq, but some cyberterrorist must've hacked into the White House site:

Search whitehouse.gov by keyword

Results for: "mission accomplished"

No results were found for your search.
Try changing some of the words in your query.

Oh well, Castro didn't show up for May Day, either.

Stop The War.


Erin&Ian said...

I wanted to use our daughters blog for a mission accomplished entry, but then i realized the entry would, in its true "mission accomplished" nature, just escalate meaninglessly for four years, costing thousands of lives, billions of dollars and serving no purpose but the creation of millions of ribbon car magnets. Plus Erin wouldnt let me.

Michael Plank said...

I knew that if I started posting Smashing Pumpkins videos you would start reading my blog!