Friday, May 11, 2007

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Pop Will Eat Itself, Def Con One.

A crappy video of one of the singles from one of my favorite albums, This Is The Day... This Is The Hour... This Is This! The album was a lunatic high point in the sampling free-for-all of the late 1980s, before the great copyright compromise was worked out and people had to actually get permission to include little snippets of other people's songs in their work. This song alone samples everything from the Beastie Boys to The Stooges to the Sex Pistols to the Twilight Zone theme, and includes the catchy chorus, "Big Mac, fries to go..." It also throws in the riff from Funkytown, but, if I recall correctly, that wasn't on the original single, but was added on to the slightly reworked album version. Anyway, that particular sample always felt tacked on to me. These guys had an obsession with packing as much craziness as possible into practically every track they did. I think they largely succeeded in accomplishing something close to what Big Audio Dynamite was trying to do around the same time. The only other groups that used sampling as extensively and as successfully were the Beastie Boys (particularly on Paul's Boutique), Public Enemy (especially on It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back) and possibly Deee-Lite on World Clique. None of those albums are as strong from start to finish as This Is The Day...

Stop The Occupation.

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