Friday, May 18, 2007

Video Vault

The Chemical Brothers, Setting Sun.

In about 1998 or so, this new thing called "electronica" was going to take over the world. It was a stitched-together movement with the same few acts constantly cited as leaders of the vanguard -- Fatboy Slim, the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers. There were a few others, like Underworld and, a bit later, the Crystal Method, but those were the major ones.

The Chemical Brothers were the first to score a breakthrough hit with this song, featuring vocals by Noel Gallagher, the uglier of the two brothers from Oasis. The video is made up of a few simple elements, but is really well integrated with the song. The result is pretty hypnotic, and features some memorable images, especially the trippy effects on the black cat, the "evil twin" staredown when the song skids to a halt midway through, and the police officers joining in the rave.

Stop The Occupation.

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