Friday, July 27, 2007


...hamburgers. Mmmm, hamburgers...

Is it a coincidence or a trend? There are two new restaurants in the area that seem to operate according to the same business plan. Digs Burgers recently opened in downtown Harrisburg, and Five Guys, a regional chain, has a new location on the West Shore. Both serve burgers, fries and little else. They position themselves a couple of notches above Wendy's or McDonalds, but they still seem to be aiming pretty low. Maybe the best comparison would be to a slightly upscale White Castle.

I've been to each place once. Digs was OK, nothing special. Five Guys was a little better. They're both no frills, counter service joints, but they should work on keeping the interior a little cleaner. The burgers are good, but not anywhere close to the ones at Jackson House, which are by far the best in the area.

I'm still waiting for the restaurant where you can gladly pay Tuesday for a hamburger today.

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