Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Empire Watch

If, as I sometimes lie (lay?) awake at night dreading, Bush/Cheney really are going to postpone/cancel the 2008 presidential election and assume (more fully) dictatorial powers, a critical precondition is either:
(a) another 9-11ish terrorist attack, or
(b) the belief among a substantial portion of the American public that such an attack is imminent, or
(c) both.

If this is really going to happen, this past week has seen them laying some early groundwork and/or floating some trial balloons, courtesy of everyone from Michael Chertoff to Rick Santorum to Senator Jim DeMint.

More here and here.

I'm just documenting this so there'll be a record of it (assuming Google's servers hold up) when I'm in the gulag.

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