Friday, August 10, 2007

The War of Northern Southern Agression

Breaking news from today's Patriot-News online:

Two Virginia men have been cited for a fight in a motel parking lot over an issue of geography.

Middlesex Twp. police said that about 11:45 Thursday night, John L. Snyder Jr., 26, of Lake Ridge, Va., and Jermaine R. Graham, 24 of Stafford, Va., who both work for a moving company, got into an argument over whether Virginia was north or south of Pennsylvania. The fight was broken up by co-workers.

Snyder suffered minor injuries from the fight and from falling down because of his level of intoxication, police said. He was taken to Carlisle Medical Center and was cited for public intoxication. Graham had no injuries, and was cited for disorderly conduct.
If they had been from West Virginia, there wouldn't have been an argument -- they would have both said "South!" Ba-dum-bum.

(BTW, shame on the Patriot for not including in the article a definitive statement whether Pennsylvania is north or south of Virginia. This is just going to lead to more arguments.)

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D.B. Echo said...

It is the role of news organizations to report on events, not to editorialize on matters of fact.

(I actually heard the equivalent of that statement made on one of the Sunday squabble shows yeaterday when someone stated it was the obigation of news organizations to only report statements made by the Current Occupant or his Spokesweasels, and not to point out inconsistencies, distortions, contradictions with fact, and outright lies.)