Friday, May 04, 2007

Video Vault

Simple Minds, Promised You A Miracle.

The song is a slice of slick New Romantic dance pop straight out of 1982. The video is total nonsense, with the band pretending to play their instruments and some blank-faced model chick carrying a mysterious bag through customs and laying on an abstract beach in a one piece bikini. Jim Kerr, who at one point gave Bono a run for his money as the most overbearingly sincere man in rock, borrows the Human League's makeup and eyeliner and writhes around in some kind of Flashdance outfit that was probably left lying around Duran Duran's dressing room.

The whole thing would fit comfortably in the career of Spandau Ballet. It's perfect early MTV cheese, full of sound and vision and motion and color, just like a hundred other videos from a hundred other bands of that era, but totally off the wall for these guys. This was the first Simple Minds song and video to get any kind of airplay in the U.S., so little did we know at the time that it was so completely unrepresentative of the band.

Stop The War.

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